Maledictory Fierce Mantra

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Black Powerful One (stobs ldan nag po) - The chief figure in the mandala of Maledictory Fierce Mantra among the Eight Sadhana Teachings [RY]

Maledictory Fierce Mantra (drag sngags dmod pa) - Syn {dmod pa drag sngags} [RY]

Wrathful Mantra Tantra (drag po sngags kyi rgyud) - Tantra belonging to the Sadhana Section of Mahayoga; focused on Maledictory Fierce Mantra [RY]

dmod pa - Maledictory Fierce Mantra, Möpa; to curse, accurse, execrate; {dmod pa, dmod pa, dmod pa, dmod} trans. v.; maledictory/ cursing [RY]

dmod pa drag sngags - Maledictory Fierce Mantra [RY]

rmod pa drag sngags - Maledictory Fierce Mantra. One of the Eight Sadhana Teachings [RY]

zhi ba'i snying po - Shintam Garbha. One of the Eight Vidyadharas, receiver of the transmission of Maledictory Fierce Mantra. Born in Uddiyana and reputed to have visited Tibet and participated in the consecration of the Samye Temple. Also spelled Shantigarbha [RY]