Mura Rinpoche Pema Norbu

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པདྨ་ནོར་བུ། (pad ma nor bu)

Short Biography[edit]

Pema Norbu’s father was the Dzogchen awareness holder yogi Adro Socho, and his mother was Delok Khandro Baldron. He was recognised by the Fifth Dzogchen Rinpoche Thupten Chokyi Dorje. His wisdom and intellect were excellent and he possessed clear signs of accomplishment and clairvoyance. He gave instructions of the maturing and liberating empowerments in many monasteries throughout the region, and those with karmic connections became his followers. As he gave numerous transmissions of the precious conqueror’s teachings, the sound of the mani mantra could be heard. He passed away in the body of great transference and disappeared into light. The number of masters who attain the rainbow body is not few, but to pass away in the body of great transference is very rare so his amazing biography is honoured within the buddhadharma.

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