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klu - nagas, water-deities, gods of underworld, water spirits, serpent demons, serpents (enemies of khyung), kind of flower, demi-god with human head and serpent body generally living in fountains, rivers, and lakes, snake, 1 of 11 astrological diagrams, SA byed pa bcu gcig, half-human half-serpent beings who live in the ocean, semi-divine beings that dominate the underworld and water habitats such as seas, rivers and lakes; if offended they wreak vengeance by provoking infectio0s diseases and skin ailments [JV]

klu - naga ; 1) among the sde brgyad kind of water-dwelling animal; 2) among the Byed pa bcu gcig nang gi rtog byed cig; 3) (met) 8 [klu chen la mtha' yas dang, 'jog po, stobs rgyu, rigs ldan, nor rgyas bu, dung skyong, pad ma, pad ma chen po ste, brgyad], serpent [spirit/ deity] (naga phanin vraga taksaka namuci dyijanmaun matanga) n ga, spirits of the water, beings, half-human and half-serpent who live in the ocean, serpent-demon] [IW]

klu - 1) naga, serpent spirit / deity, serpent, snake. spirits of the water. 2) beings, half-human and half-serpent, who live in the ocean. myth. naga, snake [RY]

klu khang - naga protector temple, behind Potala in Lhasa. residence of nagas, built by the 6th Dalai Lama [RY]