Ngok Lotsawa Loden Sherab

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Ngok Lotsawa Loden Sherab (rngog lo tsA ba blo ldan shes rab) [1059-1109].

Ngok Lotsawa Loden Sherab was born in 1059. At the age of seventeen, he studied with Ngok Lekpe Sherab, who was his uncle. After a year, he began to travel to India with Tsen Khawoche and others to study with great Indian masters. He studied with many Indian panditas for seventeen years and then returned to Tibet in 1092 C.E., and became one of most important Tibetan translators. He translated the pramana (logic/valid cognition) literature and Abhisamaya-alamkara, Ornament to Clear Realization, literature and made a great contribution to the buddhism of Tibet. He taught extensively and became the second seat holder of the Sangphu Neuthok monastery, which was founded in 1071 C.E. by the Ngok Lekpe Sherab, who was the first seat-holder of Sangphu Neuthok Monastery. Ngok Loden Sherap passed away at the of fifty-five, in 1109.