Non-dual Awareness

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An unlimited yet localized aspect of pure awareness which is not involved with any directives of or for self, subject or object. Awareness free of discursive determinations and conceptuality. Non-duality of non-dual awareness. See Bodhicitta which is also a spontaneously arisen aspect of this awareness. In Dzogchen, this is the full implication of pure presence, invested of this inherent awareness as well as of the inseparability of the three times. The all-inclusive and fully permeating view of both the absolute and relative aspects of existence. The non-differentiated ground-essence of any unity. Awareness beyond singularity and multiplicity. [RWB]

gnyis med kyi blo - non-dual awareness, nondual cognition / understanding [RY]

gnyis med kyi blo - non-dual awareness/ cognition, non-dual understanding [IW]

gnyis su med pa'i shes pa - non-dual awareness without the two extremes of eternalism and nihilism [IW]

byang sems - byang chub kyi sems - bodhichitta. 'Awakened state of mind,' 'enlightened attitude.' 1) The aspiration to attain enlightenment for the sake of all beings. 2) In the context of Dzogchen, the innate wakefulness of awakened mind; synonymous with non-dual awareness [RY]