Nondual Tantra

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Nondual Tantra

Non-duality - (gnyis med) [RY]

gnyis med - {gnyis su med pa} nondual(ity); isc. nonexistence of dichotomy; isc. to be none other than . . . ; isc. not to exist in duality/ within a dualistic framework [RB]

gnyis med - non-dual, without duality, (Skt. "advaya"); inseparable, nondual, nonduality, indivisible, not two [RY]

gnyis med - inseparable, non-dual, indivisible [IW]

gnyis med - advaya, freedom from duality, formal identity, non-duality, not two, unity, not different, union, matchless, identical, inseparability, indivisible, non-dual, nondual, inseparable, beyond the duality of, where there is no duality, without any duality, without duality [JV]

gnyis med grub pa - Accomplishment of Nonduality; one of the {grub pa sde bdun} tantric scriptures [RY]

gnyis med rgyud - non-dual tantras [of anuttara] [IW]

gnyis med rgyud - Nondual Tantra. The third of the three aspects of Anuttara Yoga which place emphasis on the unity of the development stage and completion stage [RY]

gnyis med ye 'brel - timeless nondual integration [RB]

gnyis med ye shes - non-dual wisdom [JV]