Nyidrak Tulku

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nyi grags sprul sku
nyi ma grags pa rin po che

Short History

in every birth of his reincarnation, Nyima Drakpa Tsal displayed immeasurable enlightened activities and became like the sun blossoming the lotus nectar of Guru Rinpoche’s teachings. If one wants to learn more in detail of this great master it is explained in the text of his extensive life and liberation. Thus from the first Nyitrul until the present 7th reincarnation, his inconceivable display of enlightened activities for boundless sentient beings has never been diminished. All these enlightened activities are the natural perfection of his great aspiration and compassion.

At present, the 7th Nyitrul Rinpoche is studying and receiving all the practices of profound Buddhist philosophy and rituals.

Because of the lack of all sentient beings’ fortune, the great treasure revealer profound teachings could not be compiled together in the collection of Rinchen Terdzod, which slightly obstructed his enlightened activities. Moreover, later in Tibet when the great loss occurred his teachings became weaker. However, through the incredible kindness and guidance of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, all Tibetan Buddhist schools and traditions have been revived, preserved and flourished. Yet, the teaching of Nyidrak Terton is in frail condition like the flame in the wind.

སྐུ་ཕྲེང༌། - Successive Incarnations of Nyima Drakpa Rinpoche

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