Omniscient Wisdom

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kun mkhyen ye shes - omniscient wisdom [RY]

mkhyen gsum bsdus sgom - meditation on the union of the three knowledges / wisdom, condensed, abbreviated meditation on the three wisdoms, basic wisdom, path wisdom and omniscient wisdom [RY]

thams cad mkhyen pa'i ye shes - omniscient wisdom-knowledge; omniscient wisdom / knowledge [RY]

rnam mkhyen gyi ye shes - the omniscient wisdom [RY]

rnam pa thams cad mkhyen pa'i ye shes - the state of omniscient wisdom [RY]

blo tshad ma - knowledge with valid cognition/ pramana [like the Buddha's omniscient wisdom and the true perception of the minds of the noble ones] [IW]

'bras bu rnam mkhyen gyi ye shes - the fruition omniscient wisdom [IW]

so so rang gi rig pa'i ye shes 'od gsal ba'i don - meditation on the omniscient wisdom of self-discriminating awareness [RY]