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Pravīratārā (རབ་ཏུ་དཔའ་བའི་སྒྲོལ་མ / myur ma dpa' mo) - Tārā Swift and Heroic

First of the Twenty one emanations of Tara according to the tradition of Sūryagupta.

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Pravīratārā Tārā


(1. mtshan dang lo rgyus sgo nas stod pa ni)

/phyag 'tshal sgrol ma myur ma dpa' mo/ /spyan ni skad cig glog dang 'dra ma/ /'jig rten gsum mgon chu skyes zhal gyi/ /ge sar bye ba las ni byung ma/


Tārā the Heroine, red and radiating masses of fire. She has one face and eight arms. The first pair of hands, joined at the crown, hold vajra and bell. The second pair hold bow and arrow. The third hold wheel and conch and the fourth hold sword and noose. She appears peaceful and sits in the cross-legged position. She is adorned with silks and jewel ornaments and has a backrest of moonlight. Her seed syllable is OṂ (ༀ) on a yellow lotus and moon. The lord of her family is Vairocana.



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