Pure Vision

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dag snang

  • Pure vision (dag snang). The transmission within the pure experience of a master from another enlightened being. One of the six or nine lineages of the Nyingma School. [RY]
  • one of the three main streams of transmission in the Nyingma Lineage: Kama, Terma and Vision: ring brgyud bka' ma, nye brgyud gter ma and zab mo dag snang [MR]
  • the "profound pure visions" which adds to the revealed treasure that Guru Padmasambhava appears to the gter ston (the visionary who is predestined to reveal these teachings) and speak to him, as in a meeting of person to person. [MR]
  • pure visions (dag snang) the tertön has a vision of Guru Padmasambhava or another saint from the lineage. [MR]
  • One of Kama, Terma, and Pure Vision (bka' gter dag snang gsum) [RY]

One of Seven transmissions (bka' babs bdun) [RY]