Ratna Lingpa

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rat na gling pa

Short Biography[edit]

Langdro Lotsawa returned to Trushul in Lhodrak,
You revealed the profound treasury of the four Kharchu Communions
Amongst your twenty-five treasures, your activity touching us all:
Homage to Chogyel Ratna Lingpa.

Ratna Lingpa 1403-1478/79. A reincarnation of Könchok Jungney of Langdro (lang gro dkon mchog 'byung gnas), was born August 2nd 1403 to Dode Tar and his mother Sitar Men. At a very young age this great emanated master began having visions of Guru Pedma Jungnay and at the age of 27 received his first inventory cache directly from the great Guru himself. By 30 he extracted his first treasure cache and went on to discovered 25 cycles of hidden treasures.

Literary Works[edit]

The Ratna Lingpa Lineage Tree

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