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Riwoche (ri bo che)

The Riwoche lineage has its roots in the great 12th-century Master, Taklung Tangpa, the founder of the Taklung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. The Riwoche lineage also fully integrates the Nyingma teachings descended from the great 9th-century Master, Padmasambhava.

Monastery in Kham[edit]

The Riwoche lineage has an 800 year history. The original Riwoche Monastery in the Riwoche region of Kham in eastern Tibet was home to 1,000 monks. Famous for its teaching and practice, its history is filled with many wondrous and miraculous events.

Lineage holders[edit]

Today, the lineage is represented by His Holiness Phakchok Rinpoche in Nepal, the 7th incarnation of the Phakchok tulkus (reincarnate lamas). The Riwoche lineage is also transmitted in unbroken succession from teacher to disciple through Venerable Khenpo Sonam Rinpoche in Toronto, and through a handful of other lamas throughout the world.

Dharma Centers[edit]

28 Heintzman St. Toronto ON M6P 2J6 416-766-7964 E-Mail: pema@riwoche.com