bskal pa rdzogs ldan

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1) krita yuga, or also referred to as Satya yuga] - the age of completeness. 2) the perfected aeon. 3) The first aeon, in which humans are able to keep the four root precepts in completeness [RY]

kritayuga, the first age/ kalpa of completeness [IW]

the Perfect Kalpa - bskal pa rdzogs ldan zhes bya ba la sangs rgyas bye ba phrag brgyad cu byung during the Perfect Kalpa, eight hundred million Buddhas appeared. [RY]

kritayuga, the first age/kalpa of completeness [the perfected kalpa, The first kalpa in which humans are naturally able to keep the four root precepts in completeness, or in Kalachakra when the rigdens control all of the earth] [IW]