Serpentine Water Spirits

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Serpentine Water Spirits (klu/ klu mo)

  • The serpentine water spirits (Skt. nāga/ nāginī) who frequent oceans, rivers, lakes and springs, are often regarded in Buddhist literature as custodians or repositories of submerged treasure: whether material or spiritual in content. Foremost among them are the eight great nāga kings, including Takṣaka. It is considered important that their environment should be kept pristine and clean. Otherwise, agitation or pollution of the serpentine water spirits is said to provoke leprosy, consumption and various skin ailments. Various hybrid forms of serpentine spirit are also found including klu gnyan, klu bdud, klu sman, klu gza', klu srin, klu bsen and klu btsan spirits. See Nebesky-Wojkowitz, Oracles and Demons of Tibet, pp. 290-1. GD (from the Glossary to Tibetan Elemental Divination Paintings)