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pha rol tu phyin pa rnams kyi rigsthe lineage of those [who have] the perfections
'phags pa'i rigsSuperior lineage
'phags pa'i rigs dri ma med pastainless lineage of Superiors
'phags pa'i rigs zag pa med pa'i dbyingsnon-contaminated realm of Superiors
rang bzhin gnas rigsnaturally abiding lineage; natural lineage
rang bzhin gyi rigsnatural lineage
rang gi rigsone's own kind; its type
rdzas rigs gcigone substantial type
rdzas rigs gcig pasame type of substantial entity
rdzas rigs mi 'dra badissimilar types of substantial entities
rdzas rigs mthun pasimilar substantial type(LG 30.2)
rgyal chen rigs bzhifour great royal lineages
rgyal po don grub rgyal rigs dang bram ze'i rigs gang rung yin zhing bram ze'i rigs ma yin pathe prince Siddhārtha who is either of the brahman lineage or of the kṣatriya lineage and is not a brahman
rgyal rigsroyal class; royal lineage; royal caste
rgyal rigs che zhing mtho bagreat and high royal lineage/class/caste
rgyas 'gyur gyi rigsdevelopmental lineage
ri dwags kyi rigs phra mosmall types of deer
'thad pa dang sgrub pa'i rigs pareasoning which establishes correctness; reasonings of logical proof
rigstype; kind; lineage; reasoning; feasible; suitable; social stratum; class; caste
rigsreasoning; lineage
rigs 'drasimilar type(BJ 58.6)
rigs bsdus pacondensed lineage
'thad pa sgrub pa'i rigs pareasoning which establishes correctness; reasonings of logical proof
rigs byaobject of reasoning; to be reasoned (T)
rigs byed paMīmāṃsaka
rigs canhaving a lineage; lineage; family; clan
rigs chen pogreat family; great lineage; great type
rigs dang ldan pahaving a lineage; lineaged; having a family
rigs gcig pasame type
rigs gnasabide in a type
rigs gnas paabide in a lineage
rigs gnas rigslineage of abiding in a lineage
rigs kyiof the type; of the lineage
rigs kyi buson of good family(S)
rigs kyi bu modaughter of good family
rigs kyi khyad parattribute/feature of [one's] type/kind; qualification for [one's] lineage
rigs kyi mthuforce of the lineage (T)
rigs kyi rnam patype of lineage
rigs kyi salevel of the lineage; ground of lineage
rigs kyi skabsthe occasion of lineage (T)
rigs kyi stobspower of the lineage (T)
rigs kyis khyab papervasion [of all sentient beings] by [the Buddha] lineage
rigs la gnasabide in a lineage; abiding in the type
'thad pas sgrub pa'i rigs pareasoning through the forceful power of facts; reasoning of tenable proof
rigs la gnas paabide in a lineage; abiding in the type
rigs lampath of reasoning
rigs lam paChallenger
rigs ldanhaving a lineage; lineaged; having a family
rigs ldan pad ma dkar poKalkī Puṇḍarīka
rigs mchogsupreme lineage; superior lineage