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'de'i rigs can{C}is of the same kind; of like kind
dngos po stobs shugs kyi rigs pa{GD:760} investigation relying on inference produced by the power of facts; {GD:765} inference proceeding from the mere power of fact
gcan gzan khro bo'i rigs dag{C}fierce beasts of prey
gdol ba'i rigs{C}family of outcasts; outcast
longs spyod chen po'i rigs su skye ba{C}rebirth in good families
rang gi rigsbelonging to one's own kind
rgyal rigswarrior and ruling caste
rgyal rigs che zhing mtho ba{C}good warrior family; good families, i.e., nobles
rgyas pa'i bstan bcos tshad ma rnam 'grel gyi rgya cher bshad pa rigs pa'i rgya mtsho{GD:845} Kay-drup's (mkhas grub) Extensive Explanation of the Extensive Commentary on "Prime Cognition," the Ocean of Reasoning (Collected Works, X)
ri dwags kyi rigs phra mo{C}smaller wild animals
rigs{C}family; clan; grows; has become; (there has been) born; birth; species; different varieties
rigs 'gro ba'i{C}of those who belong to the clan
rigs can{GD:269} manifold instances (lit. typified)
rigs dang ldan pa{C}of good birth; of (noble) family; belonging to a family
rigs dma' ba{C}low-class family
rigs gnas rigs{C}those who are reborn in the families of men and gods, respectively
rigs kyi nang na rgan pa la rim gro byed pa{C}honoring the elders of the family
rigs kyi rnam pa{C}the stage of becoming (where one becomes) one of the lineage/clan; level of the lineage
rigs kyi sa{C}the stage of becoming (where one becomes) one of the lineage/clan
rigs mthun pa{C}is of the same/like kind; {GD:150} similar type
rigs pa{C}method; standard; rule; that type of reasoning which employs logical principles and analysis; fitting; seemly
rigs pa dang ldan par{C}adroitly
rigs pa ldan tshig smra{C}he speaks suitably
rigs spyi{GD:176} type-universal
rigs yin 'gro ba'i{C}of those who belong to the lineage
rwa rigs{C}some deer
sde bdun mdo dang bcas pa'i dgongs 'grel tshad ma rigs gter gyi 'grel ba rigs lam rab gsal{GD:848} Tuk-je-b#el-sang's (thugs rje dpal bzang) Illumination of the Path of Reasoning, Commentary on [Sa-paṇ's] Treasury of Valid Cognition" which Explains the Thought of [Dharmakīrti's] Seven Texts together with [Dignāga's] Sūtra. Reprint of Der-ge ed
sde bdun mdo dang bcas pa'i dgongs 'grel tshad ma rigs gter gyi 'grel ba'i rnam bshad rigs lam gsal ba'i nyi ma{GD:845} Lo Khen-chen's (glo bo mkhan chen bsod nams lhun grub) Sun Illuminating the Path of Reasoning, an Extensive Explanation which is a Commentary to [Sa-paṇ's] Treasury of Valid Cognition" [and] a Commentary on the Thought of [Dharmakīrti's] Seven Tr
sgras brjod rigs kyi sgo nas dbye ba{GD:176} metaphorical division
'u yug pa rigs pa'i seng ge{GD:x,xii} U-yuk-ba-rig-bay-seng-gay (?-1253), a Sa-kya author on epistemology
sngags kyi rigs{C}muttering
srin bu'i rigs{C}families of worms
tshad ma rigs thigs kyi 'grel pa legs bshad snying po'i gter{GD:843} Gyel-tsap's (rgyal tshab dar ma rin chen) Treasure of the Essence of Good Sayings, a Commentary on [Dharmakīrti's Treatise on] Valid Cognition, the Drop of Reasoning [Collected Works vol. 8 (Delhi: Guru Deva)]
tshad ma'i bstan bcos chen po rigs pa'i rgyan{GD:842} Ge-dun-drup's (dge 'dun grub, 1st Dalai Lama) Ornament of Reasoning, a Great Treatise on Valid Cognition. Mundgod, India: Loling Press, 1985.
tshad ma'i rigs gter gyi dka' gnas rnam par bshad pa sde bdun rab gsal{GD:842} Go-ram-b#a's (go rams pa bsod nams sen ge) Explanation of the Difficult Points of [S#a-g#ya Paṇḍita's] "Treasure on the Science of Valid Cognition": Illumination of the Seven Texts. (Complete Works of the Great Masters of the Sa sKya Sect, XII.1.
blo rigs{GD:310} typology of mind (a literary genre)
bram ze'i rigs che zhing mtho ba{C}good Brahmin family; wealthy Brahmins