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bdag tu rmongs pa'i ma rig paThe ignorance of self-nescience. This refers to the ignorance that is the root of cyclic existence. The lack of knowledge of reality through which one sees one's aggregates as permanent, blissful, being the self, being solid and being the person contradicting the real nature of phenomenal status.
spobs pa so sor yang dag rig pa[pratibhāna pratisaṁvit]/ Specific understanding of confidence. A skillful way of a Bodhisattva's training of redressing their doubts through listening to dharma discourses and passing the transmission to others with tireless effort.
ma rig pa[avidya]/ Ignorance. One of the six root delusions (see {rtsa nyon drug}); a secondary mind that is a direct antidote to the wisdom understanding the law of causality and reality of phenomena; and hence the root of misapprehension of all. There are primarily three categories, those that are induced\nthrough closed mindedness, doubt and wrong view or\nphilosophy.
rig pa[vidyā]/ A. Knowledge. B. Awareness. C. Wisdom. D. Intelligence. E. Science of learning.
rig pa 'dzin pa'i sde snodThe set of discourses of a knowledge-bearer; [mantrayāna] vehicle. An antidote against all the three delusions (see {du gsum}) in an balanced manner.
rig pa gsumThree types of knowledge; three clairvoyances possessed by a person on the path of no-more learning.\n1. {sngon gyi gnas sam sngon gyi mtha' rig pa/} knowledge of beginninglessness\n2. {'chi 'pha ba dang skyo ba'am phyi ma'i mtha' rig pa/} knowledge of endlessness\n3. {zag pa zad pa rig pa/} knowledge of the exhaustion of contamination.
rig pa'i rgyal po bdunSeven lords of knowledge.\n1. {rab tu grub pa/} [susiddhi]\n2. {dbu rgyan rtse gsum pa/} [mauli]\n3. {badzra ki li ka} [vajrakilika]\n4. {rin chen ki li ka/} [ratnalalika]\n5. {gzugs legs/} [surūpa]\n6. {rdor thig} [vajrahindu]\n7. {rdo rje rol pa/} [vajralalita].
rig pa'i dbang lngaThe five initiations of the knowledge-bearer. The five initiations that are gateways to enter performance tantra ([kriyā tantra]).\n1. {zhi sdang me} {gsod chu yi dbang /} the water initiation to extinguish the fire of hatred-anger\n2. {nga rgyal ri bsnyil dbu rgyan dbang/} the crown initiation to demolish the mountain of pride\n3. {'dod chags dug 'joms rdo rje'i dbang /} the vajrainitiation to pacify the poison of desire-attachment\n4. {phrag dog lcags sgrol dril bu'i dbang /} the bell initiation to release the chain of jealousy\n5. {gti mug mun sel ming gi dbang/} the name initiation to quell the darkness of ignorance.
rig pa'i rtsal dbang bzhiThe four initiations of intuitive awareness. The four initiations that are the gateway to enter into {rdzogs chen } meditation practice.\n1. {spros bcas bum pa'i dbang /} the vase initiation with elaboration\n2. {spros med gsang ba'i dbang /} the secret initiation without elaboration\n3. {shin tu spras med shes rab ye shes dbang } the primordial-wisdom initiation that is without extreme elaboration\n4. {rab tu spros med tshig gi dbang/} the word initiation that is extraordinarily supreme without elaboration.
so so yang dag rig pa bzhiFour specific perfect understandings. The four ways in which a Bodhisattva knows the distinct features, characteristics and states of phenomena\n1. {chos so so yang dag rig pa/} [dharma pratisaṃvid]/ specific perfect understanding of dharma\n2. {don so so yang dag rig pa/} [artha pratisaṃvid]/ specific perfect understanding of meaning\n3. {nges tshig so so yang dag rig pa/} [nirukti pratisaṃvid]/ specific perfect understanding of definitive words\n4. {spobs pa so so yang dag rig pa/} [pratibhāna pratisaṃvid]/ specific perfect understanding of confidence.
kun brtags kyi ma rig pa[parikalpita avidyā]/ Imputed ignorance. Lack of understanding of the mode of reality of phenomena conjoined with deluded views of a wrong philosophy.
cho nyid kyi rig paThe reasoning of common sense. One of the four types of reasoning (see {rigs pa bzhi}). Well-known common notions that are naturally accepted as true, e.g. rivers always flow downward and fire blazes upward.
gtan tshigs rig pa[hetuvidyā]/ The science of logic. One of the five major fields of study (see- {rig gnas che ba lnga}), i.e. the study of Buddhist logic.