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Term Variations
Homonyms and homophones are separate entries distinguished by numbers. Homonyms have the same spelling and the same pronunciation but have different meanings. Homophones have the same pronunciation but have different meanings and may have different spellings. This category is useful in case disambiguation is important, for example in the case of misspelled words. Separate multiple entries with semicolons.

Phonological representation
The phonological representation is given in IPA. This is field provides valuable information when the phonological representation is not derivable by rule from the orthographic representation.

This field is meant to provide a link to a sound file.

Phonological variants
This field accounts for idiosyncratic phonological variation and possible allophones (i.e., same phoneme but different pronunciation). For example, bla and lha in dgra bla and dgra lha. Separate multiple entries with semicolons.

Orthographic variants
The standard graphemic representation serves as lemma. This field is used to document alternative spellings resulting from earlier or unstandardized usage. Separate multiple entries with semicolons.