Steinert App Dictionaries/Verbinator/'bo

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Present: 'bo LZ, CD, ND, DK, DS, TC.
Past: dbos LZ. pho CD, DK, DS. phos ND, TC.
Future: dbo LZ, CD, ND, DK, DS, TC.
Imperative: 'bo LZ. phos ND, TC. bo DS.
Voluntary: ND, DS, TC
Transitive: DS, TC.
Characteristic Example: chu sogs ND, LZ.
Meaning: 1. To pour out, pour forth, spill out. 2. To swell up, to rise. 3. To sprout, shoot forth (of wild growing plants) CD. To pour out, to spill out DK. To throw liquid from a vessel DS. To throw out TC.
Note:(Beyer 1992: 83) suggests that 'byo derives from this verb via palatalization.

Present: bo CD. 'bo DK.
Past: bo DK.
Future: 'bo DK.
Imperative: bo DK.
Involuntary:(Hoshi 2003).
Meaning: 1. To expand as a bubble. 2. To overflow, fall out of a vessel on account of over-filling CD. To spill out, to fall out liquid, to overflow [sic] DK. (for a cup &c.) To spill (Hoshi 2003).