Steinert App Dictionaries/Verbinator/'ching

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Present: 'ching KYN, TD, LZ, CD, ND, DS, TC. 'chings DK.
Past: bcings KYN, TD, LZ, CD, ND, DK, DS, TC.
Future: bcing KYN, TD, LZ, CD, ND, DK, DS, TC.
Imperative: chings KYN, TD, LZ, ND, DK, DS, TC. 'chings CD. 'ching CD.
Voluntary: KYN, TD, CD, ND, DS, TC, (Hoshi 2003).
Transitive: DS, TC.
Syntax: [Erg. Abs.] (Hackett 2003).
Characteristic Example: zhags pa sogs kyis TD. thag pa sogs kyis LZ. dam du ND.
Meaning: To bind, tie up, make fast, exorcise CD. To tie with a rope, bind DK. 1. To tie (a rope &c.). 2. To be a rule, standard DS. To bind, to tie, to fasten TC.

Present: 'ching DK.
Past: chings DK. ching (DK).
Future: 'ching DK.
Imperative: chings DK.
Meaning: To be tied, fasted; to be unruly DK.