Steinert App Dictionaries/Verbinator/'thag

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Present: 'thag KYN,TD, LZ, CD, ND, DK, DS, TC. 'thog CD (Sch.).
Past: btags KYN,TD, LZ, CD, ND, DK, DS, TC.
Future: btag KYN,TD, LZ, CD, ND, DK, DS, TC. 'thag (ND).
Imperative: thogs KYN,TD, LZ, ND, DK, DS. thog CD. 'thog TC. 'thags (DK).
Voluntary: KYN,TD, CD, ND, DS, TC, (Tournadre & Dorje 2003: 265), (Hoshi 2003).
Transitive: DS, TC.
Syntax: [Erg. Abs.] (Tournadre & Dorje 2003: 265).
Characteristic Example: thags dang phye mar TD. phye sogs LZ. zhib tu ND.
Meaning: 1. To grind, crush. 2. To weave CD. To weave, grind DK. To produce cotton cloth, silk cloth, woolen cloth &c. from threads of wool, flax, cotton, silk, &c DS. 1. To destroy. 2. To make fine. 3. To weave cotton &c. TC. To attach (Tournadre & Dorje 2003: 265).

Present: 'thag DS, TC.
Past: 'thag [DS], thag TC.
Future: 'thag [DS], TC.
Imperative: - TC.
Involuntary: TC.
Intransitive: DS, TC.
Syntax: [Erg. Abs.] (Hackett 2003).
Meaning: To reduce by boiling DS. To dry up, dry out TC.