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Present: stob LZ, CD, ND, DK, DS, TC.
Past: bstabs LZ, ND, DK, DS, TC. bstab CD. bstob CD (Cs.).
Future: bstab LZ, ND, DK, DS, TC. bstob CD (Cs.).
Imperative: stob LZ, CD. stobs ND, DK, DS, TC. thob (ND).
Voluntary: CD, ND, DS, TC.
Transitive: DS, TC.
Syntax: [Erg. Abs.](Hackett 2003).
Characteristic Example: bza' bca' dang nor sogs LZ. zhal dang byin len sna sogs ND.
Meaning: 1. To put into another's mouth, to feed. 2. To offer, make a donation CD. To give, give and take DK. To give, offer something to another (e.g. food) DS. To offer, give TC.