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Present: thogs LZ, CD, DS, TC. 'thog DK.
Past: thogs LZ, DK, [DS], TC.
Future: thogs LZ, [DS], TC. 'thog DK.
Imperative: thogs DK.- TC.
Involuntary: TC, (Hoshi 2003).
Intransitive: DS, TC.
Syntax: [Abs. Obl.] (Hackett 2003).
Characteristic Example: gdos bcas sogs la LZ.
Meaning: To strike, stumble, run against, to throw against, to be impeded, delayed CD. To be struck, blocked DK. 1 To meet an obstacle. 2. To take the hand, bind the body. 3. To exist, be present, become, be produced. 4. To be fond of, love, be friendly toward. 5. To block, impede, prevent DS. 1. To be delayed, made late. 2. To meet an obstacle. 3. To appear, be present, become, be produced TC.

Present: thogs CD, TC. 'thog CD, DK.
Past: 'thogs CD. thogs DK, TC.
Future: thog DK. thogs TC.
Imperative: thogs DK, TC.
Voluntary: TC.
Transitive: TC.
Syntax: [Erg. Abs.] (Hackett 2003).
Meaning: To bear aloft (thogs) CD. 1. To take, bear away, carry. 2. To receive. 4. To name, to call ('thog)CD. To hold in ones hand DK. To carry, take TC.

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