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Sukhavati - (Courtesy: [1])

bde ldan zhing - Sukhavati, the Blissful Realm [RY]

bde ba can - Blissful Realm, Sukhavati. The pure land of Buddha Amitabha in which a practitioner can take rebirth during the bardo of becoming through a combination of pure faith, sufficient merit, and one-pointed determination [RY]

bde ba can - Sukhavati/ Realm of Bliss [RB]

bde ba can gyi zhing khams - the Blissful Realm, Sukhavati [RY]

bde ba can du smon lam 'debs pa - aspire to Sukhavati [IW]

bde ba can smon lam - Prayer for taking rebirth in Sukhavati, by Karma Chagmey Raga Asya [RY]

bde ba can lha khang - Sukhavati Temple, at Yama Tashikhyil in Domey [RY]

bde smon - rnam dag bde chen zhing gi smon lam; prayer (pranidhana) to be reborn in the Sukhavati paradise of Amitabha buddha; by {karma chags med mkhas grub r'a ga a syas} (17th cent) [RY]

nub phyogs bde ba can gyi zhing khams - the western realm of Sukhavati: the blissful realm in the west [RY]

rnam dag bde can zhing gi smon lam - aspiration for [rebirth in] the pure land of Sukhavati; also {zhing smon}, work by {kar-ma chags med} [RY]

man da ra ba me tog - Mandarava Flower. 1) coral tree; said to grow in Sukhavati (bde ba can). 2) name of one of Padmakara's consorts. Princess of Sahor and close disciple of Guru Rinpoche [RY]

tshangs chen rigs lnga'i zhing - Realms of the five families of Great Purity / Maha Brahma: Sukhavati and so forth with the five teachers being the five buddha families of Amitabha, etc [RY]

zhing smon - prayer to be reborn in the Sukhavati paradise of Amitabha buddha Amitabha; {rnam dag bde chen zhing gi smon lam} work by {kar-ma chags med} [RY]

'od dpag med - 1) boundless/ infinite light; 2) Amitabha)/ [lord of Sukhavati Buddha field] [IW]

rang bzhin sprul sku - Natural nirmanakaya. The pure nirmanakaya realms manifested by the buddhas of the five families, such as the realm of Sukhavati [RY]