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I wonder who decides what should be where and why, but - here you have it:

Six Yogas (lit. Six Unions), (Skt. ṣaḍañga-yoga) - sbyor drug (NOT chos drug!)

There is, and always was, only one system in the Tibetan tradition that was ever referred to as "Six Yogas". And that is the system of perfection process practices according to the Kālacakra tradition. These practices are nowadays maintained predominantly by the followers of the Jonang school.

Why anyone would want to translate "chos drug" as "Six Yogas" is beyond me. But scores of colleagues keep perpetuating this several decade old mistake, on the flimsy pretext of "not wanting to confuse people, because that’s what they’re used to". As if that would make it right eventually. Indian texts were translated over several centuries into Tibetan, and lots of terminology was revised and corrected many times. Why can that not happen in the West as well?