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A vase is commonly used as an example of a material thing in many different logics. It is used because it is a neutral object. The characteristics given in traditional literature are bulging-bellied, narrow-footed, water-carrying, able to perform a function. The only English word could apply to such a thing is "vase." Yet some people insist on translating bumpa as "pot," despite the fact that bulging-bellied and narrow-footed are not characteristics of pots: many pots have quite straight sides. Bud vases which have straight sides are not characteristic vases but calling them such is a 'dra ba rgyu mtshan du byed pa'i btags ming. The wit might argue that vases should be called pots because they are pot-bellied, but that argument can't carry water. It also has the unfortunate implication that many middle-aged men would therefore be vases. DKC

  • perhaps we could use "pitcher" instead? like a water pitcher, except I think pitchers usually have handles... and my bumpa doesn't have a handle. So, in that case... maybe kettle? [KT]