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Interesting to come across this site on Gyalwa Yangonpa because my family has an intimate relationship to his statue in Lhathong Monastery, Dhingri, Tibet. I don't know if that is the only one or not. When Lhathong monastery was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, the images of Yangonpa, yab and Yum were saved from destruction by local adherents including my family. The statue of Gyalwa Yangonpa, which I remember to be almost life-size, was hidden in my home for over twenty years until around 1984, when it became known to local authorities who were only too happy to see it again. It has now been moved to the renovated Lhathong Monastery near the village of Nublung. My late father was a devout person and took the risk. Until his passing away in 1998, he stayed in Lhathong as an attendant. Just thought I should pay this tribute to him, although he probably only did what he felt was his duty.