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[[Image:|frame|]] བསྟན་གཉིས་གླིང་པ།
bstan gnyis gling pa

Short biography

Tennyi Lingpa Padma Tsewang Gyalpo ("bstan gnyis gling pa padma tshe dbang rgyal po" - 1480-1535), was an incarnation of Trisong Detsen’s daughter Lhacham Pemasal (or Lhacham Nuchin Sale - lha lcam nus 'byin sa le) who also carried the blessing of the great master Vairochana. Following various predictions, he found many treasures at various sites where Padmasambhava and his disciples had taught and lived. Among them are the common and popular are the Kunzang Nyingtik (kun bzang snying thig), and the Shitro Yeshe Thongdrol (zhi khro ye shes mthong grol), found in places such as Chung Riwoche, the great monastic compound built by Thangthong Gyalpo and is associated with the Northern Treasures and places like Paro Taksang in Bhutan. One great contribution to the Northern Treasures was his discovery of a text originally revealed by Rigdzen Godem who re-hidden it to be of benefit a later time. This text on Dorje Pagmo was found before a great crowd of people at Riwo Palbar.

Tennyi Lingpa is counted as one of the "Eight Great Lingpas", and is said to have been reborn as Namchak Tsasum Lingpa, then Choje Lingpa and then Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa

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