Tennying Yigcha

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Tennying Yigcha Bstan snying Yig cha

Source: Bstan snying yig cha (Theg chen bstan pa'i byung tshul and Theg chen bstan pa'i snying po): A Synthetic Treatise on the Essential Concepts of Mahâyâna Buddhism by Ngo rje ras pa (Zhe sdang rdo rje), "reproduced from a manuscript tracing of a print from the 'Bri gung Thil blocks belonging to Ven. Rtogs ldan Tshang," by D.Tsondu Senghe, The Bir Tibetan Society (Bir 1974). IASWR microfiche no. LMpj 012,060.

1 [KA]. chos rje 'jig rten gsum gyi mgon po rin po che'i rnam par thar pa nor bu rin po che'i rgyan. 1-23. Author: Zhe sdang rdo rje. On pp. 21-23 is a brief biography of Bal bu gongs pa, and a transmission lineage (brgyud rim) up to Chos rgyal Phun tshogs bkra shis.

2 [KHA]. rnam par thar pa mos gus kyi gsal byed dkon mchog rin chen ma. By Dharma'i ming 'dzin pa, in a Wood Bird year at behest of Yang ri bla ma Rnam 'joms pa and Mtshams pa bla ma Zhogs pa Bsod nams rnam rgyal. Another prayer at the behest of Rdor 'dzin Ngag dbang grags pa. 24-28.

3 [GA]. bstan pa 'byung tshul gyi bsdus don yid bzhin nor bu. Outline by Zhe sdang rdo rje. 29-32.

4 [NGA]. theg chen bstan pa'i byunt tshul gsal bar bstan pa rin po che ger gyi mchod sdong. By Zhe sdang rdo rje. 33-168.

5 [CA]. theg chen bstan pa'i snying po'i don gyi sa bcad. By Zhe sdang rdo rje. 169-219.

6 [CHA]. theg chen bstan pa'i snying po'i gzhung. The root text by Ngo rje ras pa. 220-226.

7 [JA]. theg chen bstan pa'i snying po'i legs bshad lung gi rgya mtsho. The autocommentary. 227-659.

8 [NYA]. theg chen btsan pa'i snying po'i gsal byed sngon byung gi gleng gzhi rnams. This is a collection of canonical stories. 660-819.

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A related publication (not yet indexed here, titles given on basis of LC catalog):

Dgongs gcig and Bstan snying Texts of the 'Bri gung pa tradition, "a collection of rare texts on the two special teachings of the school" by Rig 'dzin Chos kyi grags pa and others, D. Tsondu Senghe (Bir 1977), in 529 pages. Title on boards: Dam chos dgongs pa gcig pa dang theg chen bstan pa'i snying po'i rtsa 'grel bcas. "Reproduced from tracings from the 'Bri gung thel prints from the library of the Ven. Rtogs ldan Rin po che."

'Bri gung Rig 'dzin Chos kyi grags pa, Dam pa'i chos dgongs pa gcig pa'i rnam bshad lung don gsal byed nyi ma'i snang ba.

Dbon po Shes rab 'byung gnas, Dam chos dgongs pa gcig pa'i gzhung.

Gu ru Ratna, Khyad chos dgongs pa gcig pa'i bsdus don gsal byed nyi ma'i'od zer.

Dkon mchog nges don 'dzam gling chos sgrags rgya mtsho, Theg chen bstan pa'i snying po'i 'grel pa don gsal me long

Ngo rje ras pa Zhe sdang rdo rje, Theg chen bstan pa'i snying po.

There is a new two-volume publication which I haven't seen yet, with this title: Bka' dang bstan bcos thams cad kyi lung sems thog tu gtan la phab pa theg chen bstan pa'i snying po gsal ba zhes bya ba mkhas par sbyangs shing don dang ldan pa'i rnal 'byor pa zhe sdang rdo rjes mdzad pa, Drikung Kagyu Sungrab Nyamso Khang (Delhi 2005). TBRC resource code no. W30420.