The Fivefold Mahamudra of the Drigungpas

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1- Meditate on Bodhicitta
2- Meditate on the Yidam deity
3- Meditate on the Guru Yoga
4- Meditate on the Mahamudra
5- Seal the practice with the dedication.

NOTE: Although these five are basic practices for all the Kagyu lineages and other schools, it is the Drigungpas who presented this as a five-fold system of practice. [MR]

1) The Great Seal of Bodhichitta (byang sems phyag chen);
2) the Great Seal of the Deity's form (lha sku'i phyag chen);
3) the Great Seal of Fervent Devotion (mos gus phyag chen);
4) the Great Seal of the True Nature (gnas lugs phyag chen);
5) the Great Seal of Dedication (bsngo ba'i phyag chen). [MR] [RY]