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Simple Editing Jobs Anyone Could Do

  • Fix typos and grammar problems!
    • Exception are dictionary entries with a [OWNER] tag. If problems with such entry, make a note in the discussion tag.
  • Look at dictionary entries, if they contain another Tibetan word or expression, do a lookup, if it's available, make a link to this word from the page where the word of expression resides.
  • Find links in pages and point them at the main site, for example, if you find a single word such as Sakya, make a link to Sakya. Do a global search to find a suitable entry. Learn the wikimedia page name|string notation to do clean redirects, for example Sakya tradition.
  • Find entries with strange characters, most likely diacritical marks, and change them so they show up as platform-independent letters.

Make entries from the Glossaries

  • on the Backmatter material page and see if they are represented as individual pages, if not, paste them in.
    • Glossary from The Great Image needs hyperlinks around Tibetan words in Wylie. And, of course, all the other important people, places, texts and key terms.

Texts to be Typed In

  • Investigate what it would take to type in copyright-free material such as the Jaeschke Tibetan Grammar book.

Recommended translations to quote as samples

Material to be Uploaded

  • large amounts of classical texts in Wylie with the most important words, phrases, people, places, texts & key terms hyperlinked.

Books to be Scanned

  • The old Mahabharata / Ramayana Indic poetry drama in Tibetan translation that was found in the Don Huang caves. Those poetic phrases were later used in the first sutra translations.

Way to Import Karchak/Indices

  • We have quite a few lists of collected works; could they be fused with TBRC, to bring forth the Tibetan text? Can they be editable to show what has been or is being translated?

Wish List