Transcribing Wylie-to-Tibetan Unicode script

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Just in case you might know someone who might like to do some worthwhile contributing to the Dharma's a way to actually have some fun in the transfering of transcriptions process:

This renders 200 wylie entries at a time;

First I go to the Category:ka page (which I'm currently up to page 8 of) of 200 ea. Wylie entries in this rywiki2003 . When I start, I already have Andres Montano 's Tibetan Translation Tool, [1]] Standalone version open and minimumized to the task bar. (provides updated material on translations (usually Jeffery H's and Dan M's) and definitions which can be copied and transfered to existing definitions...which I always do). So, after copying the Wylie- page from DD, I then paste it in the Windows Notepad application. Then in the 'File', top of page dropdown, click on 'Save as' and in the window that opens, on the bottom dropdown which says 'Encoding', change the setting to Unicode and then save it to My Documents. Open the Notepad link in My Documents that you just created, and 'select all' and copy...then paste that into a Word.doc, which has WylieWord 2.1 installed from this link > [2]. The Unicode version you just copied is 'readable' now by the WylieWord app. Highlight the entire page and then, in the 'Tibetan' dropdown for WylieWord in your Word app., click on 'Convert Wylie to Tibetan'...wait a few seconds, and the page will convert your Wylie, all 200 of 'em, into TibUni. Then, simply copy and paste each one of the Unicode characters to the sample: བསྐོར་བའི་རྒྱན་གསུམ།
template, to the corresponding (editing mode of the) Wylie entry in DD. This way, there's no need to write them out one at a time. Utilizing the 'REDIRECT:' directive, it's a matter of four clicks once you get the pattern down. right after the other.

Any problems, ask under the discussion tab. I'll try to answer. --Richard 10:58, 3 May 2010 (UTC)