Treasury of Precious Qualities

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ISBN 1-57062-598-0

Treasury of Precious Qualities (yon tan rin po che'i mdzod). A famous text on the stages of practice, Lam Rim, by the Nyingma master Jigme Lingpa.

Translations in English:

Excerpt from Treasury of Precious Qualities

  • From the Introduction:

This book is a translation of the first part of a commentary on the Treasury of Precious Qualities, the celebrated work of Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa (1730–1798), which, in a slender volume of elegant verses, presents the entire Buddhist path according to the Nyingma or Ancient school of Tibetan Buddhism. The text, both root and commentary, is structured gradually and shows how all the Buddha's teachings, from the basic essentials to the most advanced practices of the Great Perfection, converge without contradiction into a single path to enlightenment. As such, the Treasury of Precious Qualities is a universally respected text and is studied in all Nyingma establishments, usually as a completing résumé, rounding off the long course of advanced study. Translated into English, it is an indispensable manual for those drawn to the Nyingma teachings.