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The Foundation[edit]

Tsadra Foundation is a privately funded nonprofit trust established in New York City in 2000. The foundation contributes in a variety of ways to the vital funding of Tibetan Buddhist activity in the West. Tsadra Foundation envisions a flourishing community of Western scholar-practitioners who are fully trained in the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Grounded in wisdom and compassion, these individuals actively enrich the world through their openness and excellence. Tsadra Foundation contributes to the advancement of this vision through providing grants, fellowships, and scholarships to qualified institutions and individuals who are committed to increasing compassion, knowledge, and wisdom within themselves and others through the in-depth practice and study of Tibetan Buddhism. Under the direction of its founder and president, Eric Colombel, Tsadra Foundation continually evolves and adapts its structure and scope in the pursuit of the best possible conditions for this to occur. At the present time, Tsadra Foundation has four departments and four program areas:

• the Contemplation Program
• the Translation Program
• the Buddhist Higher Education Program
• the Publication Program
Scholarships (being launched for 2010)
• Advanced Studies Scholarships
• Advanced Contemplative Scholarships
• IT Development and Creative Design
• Administration
Programs: Fellowships and Grants
The Director of Programs, Drupgyu Anthony Chapman, oversees the four program areas that encompass the fellowship and grant activity of the foundation. Detail of this activity is presented below.


Tsadra Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of two new scholarship initiatives for the advanced study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism to begin in January 2010.

Tsadra Foundation’s Advanced Buddhist Studies Scholarships provide Western Buddhists with an opportunity for in-depth study of Buddhist philosophical literature in the Tibetan language. The Foundation will offer three-year scholarships for Westerners to study at Tibetan Buddhist institutes in India and Nepal.

Tsadra Foundation’s Advanced Contemplative Scholarships offer Western practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism an opportunity to pursue long-term contemplative training. These scholarships will be available to individuals who have been accepted into traditional three-year retreats and to three-year retreat graduates who wish to undertake a solitary retreat for one year or longer.

The Director of the Advanced Buddhist Studies Scholarships, Elizabeth Callahan, is developing this initiative. The Advanced Contemplative Scholarships are under the direction of Drupgyu Anthony Chapman.

Research : Development of Research Resources

The Director of Research, Marcus Perman, is developing an online Research and Resource Library that will include journal articles and theses, bibliographies and glossaries, and other materials enhancing the work of translators and other serious students of Tibetan Buddhism.

Operations : IT Development and Creative Design

The Director of Information Technology Development and Creative Design, Rafael Ortet, is responsible for Tsadra Foundation’s exploration of latest technology study tools, our web presence, and all creative design issues that arise in the course of the foundation’s work. Specifically, Rafael is developing a number of online/offline advanced study tools, such as graphic display outlines of textual subject matter, and the Tsadra Foundation Digital Study Library, which will allow individuals to study Tibetan philosophical material along with its translation using the latest technological tools.

Operations : Administration

The Director of Administration, Christiane Buchet, manages all the administrative affairs of the foundation, including drafting of contracts and overseeing of reporting and financial disbursements. For more detail about the activities of the foundation and the resources it makes available to translators and students, please visit the website at www.tsadra.org.


The Publication Program
English Publications
Snow Lion Publications: Tsadra Foundation Series
Sponsorship of translation and printing:
• Sacred Ground, Jamgön Kongtrul
• Guru Rinpoché, His Life and Times, Taranata, Jamgön Kongtrul, Sera Khandro
• The Autobiography of Jamgön Kongtrul, Jamgön Kongtrul
• Machik’s Complete Explanation, Machik Lapdron
• Timeless Rapture, Inspired Verse of the Shangpa Masters, Jamgön Kongtrul
• Wisdom Nectar, Dudjom Rinpoché
• King of the Empty Plain, The Tibetan Iron Bridge Builder Tangtong Gyalpo, Lochen Gyurmé Dechen

SnowLion Publications: The Treasury of Knowledge Series
Sponsorship of printing only:
• The Treasury of Knowledge, Book I: Myriad Worlds, Jamgön Kongtrul
• The Treasury of Knowledge, Book V: Buddhist Ethics, Jamgön Kongtrul
Sponsorship of translation and printing:
• The Treasury of Knowledge, Book VI Part 3: Frameworks of Buddhist Philosophy, Jamgön Kongtrul
• The Treasury of Knowledge, Book VI Part 4: Systems of Buddhist Tantra, Jamgön Kongtrul
• The Treasury of Knowledge, Book VIII Part 3: The Elements of Tantric Practice, Jamgön Kongtrul
• The Treasury of Knowledge, Book VIII Part 4: Esoteric Instructions, Jamgön Kongtrul

SnowLion Publications: Nitartha Institute Series
Partial sponsorship of translation:
• In Praise of Dharmadhatu, Nagarjuna, Karmapa Rangjung Dorjé

SnowLion Publications: Other Publications
Sponsorship of translation:
• Zurchungpa’s Testament, Shechen Gyaltsap, Dilgo Khyentsé
• Nagarjuna’s Letter to a Friend, Nagarjuna, Kangyur Rinpoché

Shambhala Publications
Sponsorship of translation:
• Treasury of Precious Qualities, Jigmé Lingpa, Kangyur Rinpoché
• Counsels From My Heart, Dudjom Rinpoché
• Introduction to the Middle Way (Madhyamakavatara), Chandrakirti, Jamgön Mipham
• The Adornment of the Middle Way (Madhyamakalankara), Shantarakshita, Jamgön Mipham
• Food of Bodhisattvas, Buddhist Teachings on Abstaining from Meat, Shabkar
• The Hundred Verses of Advice, Padampa Sangye, Dilgo Khyentse
• The Way of the Bodhisattva, Shantideva (revised edition)
• The Heart of Compassion, Dilgo Khyentse
Nectar of Manjushri’s Speech, Khenpo Kunzang Palden
• White Lotus, Jamgön Mipham

French Publications
Editions Claire Lumière: Série Tsadra
Sponsorship of translation and publication:
• Gourou Rimpoché, sa vie, son temps, Taranata, Jamgön Kongtrul, Sera Khandro
• Marpa, maître de Milarépa, sa vie, ses chants, Tsang Nyeun Heruka
• Le Bouddha du Dolpo, Vie et pensée d’un maître tibétain atypique du XIVe siècle initiateur du shèntong, Dolpopa, Cyrus Stearns
• Les Chants de l’immortalité, Chants de réalisation des maîtres de la lignée Shangpa, Jamgön Kongtrul
• Vie de Jamgoeun Kongtrul, Jamgön Kongtrul
• L’Ondée de sagesse, Chants de la lignée Kagyu, Karmapa Mikyeu Dorjé, Tènpai Nyinjé
• Une Musique venue du ciel, Vie et oeuvres du XVIIe Karmapa Ogyèn Trinlé Dorjé, Michele Martin

Editions Padmakara
Sponsorship of translation:
• Mahasiddhas, La vie de 84 sages de l’Inde, Abhayadatta
• Le Précieux ornement de la libération, Gampopa Seunam Rinchen (partial sponsorship)
• Les Cent conseils de Padampa Sangyé, Dilgo Khyentsé (partial sponsorship)
• Petites instructions essentielles, Dudjom Rinpoché
• Le Soleil de la confiance, La vie du Bouddha, Taranatha (partial sponsorship)
• Lettre à un ami, Nagarjuna, Kangyur Rinpoché
• Les Larmes du bodhisattva, Enseignements bouddhistes sur la consommation de chair animale, Shabkar
• Perles d’ambroisie, Kunzang Pelden
• Bodhicaryâvatâra, La Marche vers l’Éveil, Shantideva
• Les Stances fondamentales de la Voie médiane, Mûlamadhyamakakârikâ, Nâgârjuna
• Au coeur de la compassion, Gyalsé Thogmé Zangpo, Dilgo Khyentsé Rinpoché

Tibetan Publications
Shechen Monastery, Nepal
• 2000 - 2003 Collected Works of Jamgön Kongtrul, 13 volumes
• 2001 - 2003 Collected Works of Shabkar, 15 volumes
• 2003 - 2004 Kagyu Ngak-dzö, 8 volumes
• 2003 Chetsun Nyingtik Cycle
• 2003 Biography of Jigme Gyalwai Nyugu
• 2004 - 2010 Rinchen Ter-dzö, 70 volumes
• 2004 - 2011 Complete Works of Shechen Gyaltsap Gyurmé Pema Namgyal, 13 volumes

In collaboration with Alak Zenkar Rinpoché, Chengdu, China
Zenkar Rinpoché is renowned for his tireless activity in seeking out rare collections of Tibetan texts, especially those in danger of disappearance, and arranging for their publication. In each case, the agreement is for a limited edition of 100 sets which are then distributed free of charge to selected monasteries and institutions of higher learning.
• 2002 Collected Works of Drakar Tulku, 18 volumes
• 2002 Collected Works of Gétsé Mahapandita, 10 volumes
• 2002 Collected Dorjé Purba Cycle, 40 volumes
• 2003 Collected Works of Mikyö Dorje, 16 volumes
• 2005 Collected Works of Rangjung Dorjé, 16 volumes
• 2005 Collected Works of Lama Rangrik Dorjé, 42 volumes
• 2007 Compendium of Kalachakra (7 vols)
• 2007 Collection of texts from Ngog (10 vols)
• 2007 Collected Works of Nyala Terton (42 volumes)
• 2007 Newly Discovered Texts of Kagyu Lamas
• 2007 Four supplementary volumes for the Dorjé Purba Cycle (above)
• 2008 Critical Edition of Collected Works of Taranatha, 25 volumes
• 2008 Collected Works of Buton

Nitartha International Publications
• 2005 Uttaratantrashastra, Maitreya, Jamgön Kongtrul
• 2005 Illuminating “The Profound Reality”, Karmapa Rangjung Dorjé, Jamgön Kongtrul
• 2005 The Ornament Illuminating the Liberation of Mind, a Commentary on “The Profound Inner Reality”, Karmapa Rangjung Dorjé, Kédrup Chögyal Tenpai Gyaltsen
• 2005 The General Topics and Word-Meaning Commentaries on the “Two-part Hévajra Tantra”, Jamgön Kongtrul
• 2006 The Mirror That Excellently Clarifies Suchness, Commentary on the “Uttaratantrashastra”, 2 volumes, Gö Lotsawa
• 2006 Stainless Light, Clarifying the Provisional and Definitive Meanings: An Explanation of the “Two-Part Hevajra Tantra”, Rangjung Dorjé
• 2006 A Brief Clarification: A Commentary on the “Ornament of Clear Realization”, Shamar Könchok Yenlak
• 2006 An Introduction to the Lamp of the Three Worlds: A Commentary on the “Ornament of Clear Realization”, Karma Trinleypa
• 2009 A 20 volume collection of texts used in Kagyu Three-year Retreat Centers, to be printed in pecha format and distributed free of charge to Kagyu Retreat Centers

Rigpe Dorje Publications
Kagyu and Nyingma Shedra Book Series:
• 2009 Book Series # 2, The Heart Nectar of Oral Instructions, Jamgön Kongtrul
• 2009 Book Series # 4, Commentaries on the Four Dharmas of Gampopa, Je Gampopa, Lopon Gompawa, Sharmar Chokyi Dakpa, Lho Layagpa Changchub Ngodup, Kunkhyen Pema Karpo
• 2009 Book Series # 5, The Collection of Precious Practices of Mind Training and the Stages of the Path, Jamgön Kongtrul
• 2009 Book Series # 6, The Collection of the Treasured Intended Meanings of the Final Turning of the Wheel, Jamgön Kongtrul
• 2009 Book Series # 7, The Commentary on “The Clear Realization” and “The Prajñaparamita Sutra”, Shakya Chokden
• 2009 Book Series # 8, A Commentary on “The Clear Realization” from the Prajñaparamita, Shakya Chokden
• 2009 Book Series # 9, The Commentary on the Key Points of Jamgön Kongtrul Lodro Thaye’s “Stages of Creation and Completion”, Palden Namgyal

Palpung Monastery Printing House
The Palpung Monastery printing house is one of the principal sources of Buddhist texts in Eastern Tibet.
Tsadra Foundation grants to the Printing House:
• A two-year grant 2005-2006 to fund the carving of the many woodblocks missing or destroyed during the past years of religious confusion and in particular to carve the woodblocks for the collected writings of Tai Situ Péma Nyinjé.
• A four-year grant 2007-2011 to fund the carving of the Kongtrul Treasury of Instructions, Collected Writings of Karmapa Mikyö Dorje, and Collected Writings of Karmapa Chödrak Gyamtso.

In collaboration with Sean Price, Bodhanath, Nepal
• 2008 Collected Works of Khenpo Gangshar
• 2009 Saraha’s Spiritual Poetry

External Links[edit]

For a more complete description of our activity you are invited to visit our web site at: http://www.tsadra.org