Tsalpa Kagyu

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Tshalpa Kagyu
The Tshalpa Kagyu lineage (tshal pa) was established by Zhang Yudragpa Tsöndrü Drakpa (zhang g.yu brag pa brtson ’grus grags pa, 1123-1193), also known as Lama Shang (bla ma zhang), a disciple of Dakpo Gomtshul (dwags po sgom tshul tshul khrims snying po, 1116-1169). The famous Dungtso Repa (dung mtsho ras pa shes rab rgyal mtshan) was a master of this school. He became known as a Tertön (gter ston) after rediscovering an instruction that had been hidden by Je Gampopa (rje sgam po pa).