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1) joyful; 2) Ganden Monastery; 3) Tushita Heaven [IW]

Tushita [IW]

1) happy, joyful. 2) Tushita Heaven, the Joyous Land, the fourth heaven in the realm of desire gods. 3) Ganden [Monastery], a large monastery of the Gelukpa order near Lhasa in Central Tibet. 4) the dwelling place of byams pa [RY]

1) Tushita, the Tushita heaven. 2) Ganden Monastery; Syn ri bo dge ldan dgon pa the monastery of Ganden [RY]

Tushita [one of the 'dod lha ris drug, having more delight than those underneath and enjoying Mahayana Dharma longs spyod [IW]

Tushita. 'The Joyous', n. of the Pure Land of the thousand Buddhas of this aeon, inhabited only by Bodhisattvas and Buddhas. The heavenly realm in which lord Maitreya resides awaiting his appearance in this world as the next buddha [RY]

tushita heaven of Maitreya, joyous, blissful, paradise, residence of sainted beings presided over by maitreya, monastery 35 miles N.E. of lhasa, type of lha, joyful heaven, 1 of 'dod lha rigs drug [JV]

Tushita; one of 'dod lha rigs drug six classes of desire gods [RY]