sems sde'i rgyud chen nyi shu rtsa bzhi

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sems sde'i rgyud chen nyi shu rtsa bzhi - twenty-four great tantras of the mental class. As enumerated in Longchenpa, Treasury of Spiritual and Philosophical Systems, pp. 258-260, they are as follows.

  1. sems nyid bya rtsol las 'das pa nam mkha' che rtsa ba'i rgyud dang phyi ma'i rgyud
  2. nam mkha' che phyi ma phyi ma'i rgyud
  3. sems nyid 'pho 'gyur med pa chos nyid rgyal po'i rgyud
  4. sems nyid thig le nyag gcig tu ston pa byang chub kyi sems thig le'i rgyud
  5. sems nyid rang byung gi ye shes su bstan pa ye shes thig le'i rgyud
  6. sems nyid thams cad kyi rtsa bar bstan pa man ngag phreng ba'i rgyud
  7. sems nyid kun khyab chen por bstan pa gsang ba rgyal po'i rgyud
  8. sems nyid rang rig tu bstan pa ye shes dam pa'i rgyud
  9. sems nyid kun tu bzang po'i rol par ston pa mkha' dbyings rnam dag gi rgyud
  10. sems nyid kun gyi snying po ston pa man ngag snying po'i rgyud
  11. sems nyid rang rig tu yid ches pa snying po gsang ba'i rgyud
  12. sems nyid kun gyi rtsa ba nam mkha' che rtsa ba can gyi rgyud
  13. sems nyid gcig tu 'dus pa nyag gcig dgongs pa'i rgyud
  14. sems nyid ji bzhin par bzhag pa bsam gtan chen po'i rgyud
  15. sems nyid rgyun chags su goms pa bsam gtan rgyun chags kyi rgyud
  16. sems nyid thams cad du gsungs pa sgo mang mdo'i rgyud
  17. sems nyid dbang dang sbyar ba nam mkha' che dbang gi rgyud
  18. sems nyid sgra tshig las 'das pa nam mkha' che yi ge med pa'i rgyud
  19. sems nyid gdod ma'i gnas su bstan pa nam mkha' che gzhi'i rgyud
  20. sems nyid 'od gsal du bstan pa rin chen 'bar ba'i rgyud
  21. sems nyid yon tan lhun grub tu bstan pa rin po che phreng ba'i rgyud
  22. sems nyid khams gsum la gsal ba khams gsum sgron ma'i rgyud
  23. sems nyid spang blang las 'das par ston pa nges pa snying po'i rgyud
  24. sems nyid 'pho 'gyur med par ston pa rdo rje gsang ba'i rgyud