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  • Chadrel Sangye Dorje
  • Khenpo Konchok Monlam
  • Lama Dawa Gyaltsen
  • Anyen Rinpoche
  • Tulku Choejor
  • Dzogchen Choga
  • Tsoknyi Rinpoche
  • Khen Lama Sonam

I started studying dharma at 18 while staying in Salt Lake City of all places. Started practicing with the help of a student of Tulku Urgyen's by the name of Lama Thupten that same year, and met my two closest Rinpoches Khen Kon-mon and Lama Dawa by age 19. Stayed with Khen Rinpoche a little in Nepal where I practiced and learned some Tibetan. Traveled and studied with Tulku Choejor for close to two years and have been living and studying in Denver, Colorado at Anyen Rinpoche's western shedra since 2007. Where I have learned so much.

I have received many teaching and few lineages but mostly I would like to think of myself as a Longchen Nyingtik follower. But for sure Nyingma and Kagyu is all I know anything about.
Not really a translator but maybe oneday.
Zabtik Drolma
Short Zabtik Drolma
Short Konchok Chidu

Working On:
Konchok Chidu (Kongtrul's)
Konchok Chidu (Tsewang Norbu's)
Nyingtik Ngodro-small (Khenpo Konmon's)
Nyingtik Tsasum-small (Khenpo Konmon's)
Nyingtik Phawo-small (Khenpo Konmon's)
Short Dukngal Rangdrol (Dilgo Khyentse's)
Short Palchen Dupa (Jigme Lingpa's)
Takyung Barwa (Jigme Lingpa)