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Hi Sherabzangpo

I am in charge of the maintenance of

I saw you were making some changes lately which is great.

But I am in the process of upgrading the software for this site, so it might be on and off for the next couple of days.

also it would be great if you could update our user information with a valid eMail address.


Wylie to Tibetan script tag extension


- Try wytotib>Sherabzangpo</wytotib> at the top of pages to see page name converted in tibetan script

- Try SOME་ཝཡLཨཱིE་ཊEXཊ་ inside a page to see the Wylie SOME WYLIE TEXT converted and replaced by its tibetan script equivalent

You can see a result in The content of the page is in Wylie converted on the fly to Tibetan Script