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vajra - rdo rje [RY]

Vajra (rdo rje)

  • An emblematic symbol of the indestructible reality of buddha-body, speech and mind, in the form of a sceptre-like ritual object which is held in the right palm whenever playing a ritual bell. The sceptre symbolises skillful means and the bell, discriminative awareness. GD (from the Glossary to Tibetan Elemental Divination Paintings)

rdo rje - adamantine, vajra, supreme, indestructible, great tibetan mountain range, 1 of 27 coincidences in astrology, SA sbyor ba nyer bdun, 1 of 28 astrological terms for harmony of influence in the destiny of a person, prince of stones, infallible, indestructible, unchangeable, holy, venerable, indra's thunderbolt, scepter, indestructible reality, indestructible state [JV]

rdo rje - vajra, thunderbolt, the prince of stones [diamond]. vajra-scepter. 2) indestructible, adamantine; vajra, diamond-like [RY]

rdo rje - Vajra. 'Diamond,' 'king of stones.' As an adjective it means indestructible, invincible, firm etc. The ultimate vajra is emptiness, the conventional vajra is the ritual implement of material substance [RY]

rdo rje - vajra; indestructible/ immutable/ adamantine [RB]