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Yoga (rnal 'byor).

  1. ) The actual integration of learning into personal experience.
  2. ) The third of the three outer tantras: Kriya, Upa and Yoga. It emphasizes the view rather than the conduct and to regard the deity as being the same level as oneself. [RY]

Yoga (rnal 'byor)

  • The Sanskrit word yoga (lit. "union") is interpreted in Tibetan to mean 'union with the fundamental nature of reality'. In Buddhism therefore, yoga refers to the diverse techniques through which the meditator unites with fundamental reality during the perfection stage of meditation. As such, it includes mental and physical practices, which refine the energy channels, vital energies and seminal points within the subtle body, as well as practices which cultivate discriminative awareness, and the coalescence of emptiness respectively with the four delights, with inner radiance, and with non-conceptualisation. GD (from the Glossary to Tibetan Elemental Divination Paintings)