Yolmo Tulku Namkha Gyajin

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yol mo sprul sku nam mkha' brgya byin


Short biography

The 2nd Gonjang Rinpoche, Yolmo Tulku Namkha Gyaljin was recognized as the reincarnation of Yolmo Ngagchang Shakya Zangpo. He revealed many important hidden treasures texts of Nyingma tradition and became a renowned Terton in his own rights. He was known as the second Yolmowa Chenpo.

yol mo ba sprul sku II nam mkha’ brgya byin (16th century), All that is known about Nam-mkha’ brgya-byin is that he was born in Lho-brag as the 14th descendent of mnga’ bdag nyang rin po che, and that he had a disciple named o rgyan don grub of Nyang.

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