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Amdo [JV]

1) Amdo [region]; 2) A mdo rdzong n of Lhasa, [IW]

1) Amdo [region]; 2) A mdo dzong n of Lhasa, [admnistered by brag nag] [IW]

Amdo, also called Domey (mdo smad) [RY]

county in 21th cent Tibet. [RY]

1) Amdo [region] [At the east of ba yan ha ra the great mountain a chen gangs rgyab and mdo [head of the mountain] both combined in one name man chad la is the traditional explanation of the name a mdo, mdo zhes pa'i ming 'di'i sngon 'jug ma yig gsal por klog dus an A syllable naturally arising a mdo that tradition also exists. mtso sngon and kan su'u great regions are in the south and si khron great region to the north and west.]; 2) dzong n of Lhasa, admnistered by brag nag [IW]