a nu yo ga

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supreme method of transformation [JV]

anuyoga; (eighth of nine yanas) [RB]

anu yoga [IW]

Anu Yoga [RY]

anu yoga [among the textual traditions of nyingma mantra, as for the completion, anuyoga all the environment and inhabitants of the phenomenal world of the nature of the deities du from the space of the dhatu realized as buddhahood, whose nature of simplicity without apprehension of any extremes at all intrinsically has as subordinate aspects the upaya of the developing stage and the completion stage which stabilizing the yoga of prajna nadi bindu and prana in the all-pervading union reverses all dualistically grasped objects, producing the wisdom of non-dual bliss-emptiness. By making the bliss, luminosity and non-thought of the way things are into the path, at this time one has the nature of liberation [IW]