a nu yo ga'i theg pa

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anuyoga yana [8th of the 9 vehicles of nyingma tantra] [IW]

anuyoga yana [IW]

anuyoga yana [8th of the 9 vehicles of nyingma tantra [the vehicle of 'subsequent yoga,' rjes su rnal 'byor. Entry is by the 10 outer abhishekas phyi dbang rgyud kyi chu bo bcu, 11 inner abhishekas nang dbang 'byung ba'i chu bo bcu gcig, 13 practice abhisheakas sgrub dbang grags pa'i chu bo bcu gsum, and two secret abhishekas [[gsang dbang rdzogs pa'i chu bo gnyis te. Having been ripened by these 36 excellent abhishekas, having resolved the view, the essence of the three mandalas of Samatabhadra [body, spech and mind] one rests in the meditation of non-thought, the meaning subsequent yoga, yi ge'i rjes su 'jug pa bskyed by merely saying the mantra[s] rtsal snang the mandal of the deities du gsal ba the path that frees and, the upaya marga relying on the upper and lower gates produces coemergent wisdom. Action, appearance, and mind are all the play of wisdom of mahasukha. By means of ??? sh 'i without accepting and rejecting spyod pa'i nye rgyus, the fruition the five yogas which are of the essence of the five paths, and one reaches the end of the ten bhumis are, which is said to be attaning the level of Samantabhadra.] [IW]