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= Atisha [means perfcted. In east india, born as son of the king of Sahor in the water horse year, named dpal mar me mdzad ye shes, in Maghadha made master of the gtzug lag gnas chen 'ga'i assembly, invited by lha bla ma ye shes 'od and byang chub 'od he came to Tibet. the stages of practice of the path brought together/embodying from all the sutras and tantras mdo sngags thams cad bsdus nas lam nyams su len pa'i rim par dril ba the lamp of the path to enlightenment byang chub lam gyi sgron ma was the chief text he prodced of more than 20 by which he promulgated the later spreading of the teaching and established the Kadampa tradition and composed an 8 limb medical text\\Remaining i mnga' ris three eyears, and in U and Tsang for nine, at 73 in the wood horse year he died. Spreading the Buddha's teachings and the sciences in Tibet by his great kindness [h] called jo bo rje by TTs] [IW]

Atisha [IW]

Syn phul byung; Atisha 982-1054 [RY]

buddhist pandit of bengal who taught in tibet for 13 years [JV]

(982-1054) [RY]