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Ati Yoga, atiyoga, primordial yoga. Syn Dzogchen [RY]

atiyoga; (ninth of nine yanas) [RB]

primordial yoga [JV]

ati yoga [primordial yoga. in the Nyingma tradition and texts, rdzogs chen, the great perfection ati yoga refers to spros bral rang byung gi ye shes intrinsic simplicity = wisdom. Without rgya chad, limitaton and restriction and phyogs lhung bias and partiality it completey perfects the meaning of all the yanas and so is the summit or peak of them all. All the dharmas of the phemonal world of samsara and nirvana arise as the play of rang byung ye shes self-arising wisdom [rang byung also means one's own intrinsic, natural, spontaneously occuring.] There is nothing other than that. That fundamental ground [gzhi gnas, also = shamatha meditation by which that is realized] one's own wisdom by practice of the path [nyams len literally accepting the experience] primordial purity cutting through solidity ka dag khregs chod and spontaneous presence of perfection lhun grub thod rgal gyi one reaches the goal of the four appearances snang bzhi which brings the fruition of gzhi thog tu grol liberation into the ground. the permanent domain of the youthful vase body, gzhon nu bum sku'i gtan srid.] [IW]

ati yoga [IW]