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general abbreviations[edit]

  • SA - see also
  • pf. - (past perfect) past completed
  • imp. - imperative

List of Contributors[edit]

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  • ASP Adam Pearcey
  • CJD Cortland Dahl
  • ET Erick Tsiknopoulos
  • GD Gyurme Dorje
  • IW Ives Waldo
  • JV Jim Valby
  • KHS Kent Sandvik
  • KT Karma Tshering
  • MR Matthieu Ricard
  • NT Nalanda Translation Committee
  • RB Richard Barron
  • RWB Richard Babcock
  • RY Rangjung Yeshe Dictionary (compiled by Erik Pema Kunsang)
  • THD Thomas Hove Doctor
  • TSD Thomas Sherab Drime