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intermediate state/ interval (between death and rebirth) [RB]

bardo [IW]

bardo, intermediate state; interval (between death and rebirth); [antarabhava] bardo, intermediate stage, [Syn bar ma do gap]. the bardo state. Bardo, the intermediate state between death and rebirth, [antarabhava] [RY]

antarabhava - bardo. 'Intermediate state.' Usually refers to the period between death and the next rebirth. For details of the four bardos, see Mirror of Mindfulness and Bardo Guidebook, Rangjung Yeshe Publications [RY]

bardo, intermediate state between death and rebirth, (five are skye gnas brgyud pa'i bar do, snang ba skye shi'i bar do, ting 'dzin lam gyi bar do, rmi lam gnyid kyi bar do, 'chi ba srid pa'i bar do), seven are rang bzhin skye gnas kyi bar do, chos nyid srid pa'i bar do, zung 'jug sku bzhi'i bar do, rang rig ye shes kyi bar do, dus mtshams rang bzhin gyi bar do, 'phyugs med rten 'brel bar do, 'khor 'das gnyis kyi bar do; six are skyed gnas bar do, rmi lam bar do, bsam gtan bar do, 'chi kha bar do, chos nyid bar do, srid pa bar do), SA, rang bzhin bar do, 'chi kha'i bar do, chos nyid bar do, srid pa bar do [JV]

Bardo (bar do), "intermediate" or "transition" state, commonly refers to the state and lapse of time occurring between death and the next rebirth. More precisely one can recognize six bardos: the bardo of birth and life (skye gnas bar do), of meditative concentration (sam gtan bar do), of dream (rmi lam bar do), of the instant of death ('chi kha bar do), of the absolute nature (chos nyid bar do), and of seeking a new existence (srid pa bar do). [MR]

Bardo (bar do) : Tibetan word meaning "intermediary state". This term most often refers to the state between death and subsequent rebirth. In fact, human experience encompasses six types of bardo: the bardo of the present life, the bardo of meditation, the bardo of dream, the bardo of dying, the luminous bardo of ultimate reality and the bardo of becoming. The first three bardos unfold in the course of life. The second three refer to the death and rebirth process which terminates at conception at the beginning of the subsequent existence. [MR]