bka' brgyud che bzhi

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the Four Greater Kagyü Schools, Four Great Kagyü Traditions: The kam tshang or kar ma bka' brgyud founded by the 1st Karmapa Düsum Khyenpa (1110-1193), the 'ba' rom bka' brgyud founded by Darma Wangchuk (no dates available), the tshal pa bka' brgyud founded by Zhang Yudragpa Tsöndrü Drakpa (1123-1193), and the phag gru bka' rgyud founded by Phagmo Drupa Dorje Gyalpo - phag mo gru pa rdo rje rgyal po (1110-1170).[tsd]

four great kagyu traditions. (IW)

four great kagyu traditions [I. 1) the Karmapa school founded by Tusum Khyenpa, 2) the Barompa school founded by darma wangchuk, 3) the tsalpa school founded by zhang tsalpa ts"ndru drakpa, 4) the phakmotru school founded by phagmo drupa) OR II. the four greater kagyu schools (of the lineage chant) drikung, taklung, tsalpa, drukpa]. (IW)

the Four Greater Kagyü Schools, Four Great Kagyü Traditions: The Karmapa school founded by Düsum Khyenpa, the Barompa school founded by Darma Wangchuk - 'ba' rom dar ma dbang phyug, the Tsalpa school founded by Zhang Tsalpa Tsöndrü Drakpa - bla ma shang btson grus grags pa, and the Phagmo Dru school founded by Phagmo Drupa - phag mo gru pa rdo rje rgyal po. {'ba' rom bka' brgyud, phag gru, kar ma, tshal pa}. (RY)